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Club Rules - Terms & Conditions

  1. Every member is to be treated with kindness and respect 

  2. No profanity or other vulgar speech 

  3. Gentle training methods only 

    1. Absolutely no corrections like smacking, hitting, screaming, or other intimidation behaviors towards your dog will be tolerated 

  4. Seeking out qualified, professional help if needed for dog’s behavior (examples include, but not limited to: jumping on others, barking without letup, inability to call back, excessively pulling on leash, fear and stress related behaviors, etc) 

  5. Aggressive dogs may not attend events 

  6. Maintain health and grooming routines required for your dog 

  7. Puppies must be FULLY vaccinated to attend, rabies vaccine required and tags worn 

  8. Must adhere to all local safety and legal guidelines 

  9. Respect the space of other members and their dogs, asking for permission to interact 

  10. Must carry poop/waste bags. Absolutely NO littering or leaving behind feces, even on trails 

  11. Responsible for yourself and dog as well as any damages or injury caused by or sustained to self, pet, or property 

  12. Rules may be updated or added in the future 

  13. Failure to follow group rules may result in immediate dismissal from the club without refund of payment 

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